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A theme that has an almost incessant source of inspiration and information, since Belgrade year after year increases the number of places to go out. However, this will not be one of the usual texts about night outings, this time we will talk about something different night life of the city. Perhaps not what you get used to, although we all know very well that clubs, rafts and taverns are always up-to-date. We have written so many times about this kind of nightlife in Belgrade, that you have probably tried many places so far and realized that the best in the Serbian capital is. Especially because of its diversity and great offer, there is no chance here to find something for yourself.

You thought that night life in Belgrade was made up of clubs and exits only? You’ve been fooling yourself.

Nightlife does not just mean parties until the morning, a big crowd in dormant rooms and spending money on bench and alcohol, so you can hardly get to your cheap accommodation in Belgrade at the end of the evening. What you may not have known, and that’s another of the more beautiful sides of Belgrade and its nightlife – you can spend a great time without spending too much money on it, or staying all night in one of the bars and clubs. It started spring, the evenings are getting warmer, and this is what people should do to enjoy the magic that Belgrade gets with every change in the seasons. Soon the summer will come, when all the beauties of Belgrade come to the fore. That’s why we will take you through some other places that keep Belgrade awake at night.

Kalemegdan and Student Park… Skate Park.. Sava and Zemun waterside.. Knez Mihailova.. Outdoor parties and gigs..

The joy of a small nation with a big heart, a nation that has gone so far, but will never stop playing, singing, and having fun. Night life of Belgrade is not only made up of buildings, shops and places that are famous for its excellent conduct, Belgrade’s night life is made up of its energy, streets and its people.

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