Belgrade City Museum


Belgrade City Museum

The Belgrade City Museum preserves valuable objects from the city’s past and is waiting for the building of the former Military Academy in Resavska Street to be properly displayed to the public.

The Great Representative Palace of 1899, built under the project of Dimitri Lek, is the right place for the institution founded in 1903 to finally house a rich fund of 130,000 objects, classified in 15 collections. Until then, permanent exhibitions and occasional exhibitions at other locations within the Museum were open to visitors.

The residence of princess Ljubica, an 1831 building built in the style of Balkan architecture for the residence of Prince Milos Obrenovic, introduces visitors to the life of Belgrade in the early nineteenth century. In addition to the program “Coffee at Princess Ljubica’s”, in the Hall under the vaults occasionally organized exhibitions, promotions, tribunes …

The Ivo Andric Museum is located in the apartment where the Nobel Prize winner lived. The setting includes photographs, documents, personal effects, material from the Andrić legate and a work room with an authentic layout.

The Paja Jovanovic Museum shows visitors the original works of one of Serbia’s most famous painters, his paintings, documents, notes and valuable items that he left to the Museum of the City of Belgrade for life.

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