Beer Fest: Alternative Stage



The “Alternative stage powered by Subbeer Center” will be available at the biggest beer and music festival in this part of Europe this year from August 15th to 19th at Usce. Together with the Main and Innovative stage, this stage, which is located near the “Innsbruck”, will offer a wider choice of performers, especially domestic ones, to visitors to the festival. The idea for the new stage came from the cooperation with the new cult city in Belgrade, the “SubBeer Center”, located in the underground of Cetinje 15.

Although it was opened at the end of last year, “SubBeer Center” has already been recognized as the focal point of some of the more alternative musical and cultural-artistic events in Belgrade. Situated in the center of the city, this large underground space has hosted over 30 great names both domestic and regional as well as the world music scene.

During the summer, “SubBeerni Center”, one of the largest breweries in the region, has transferred its activities to “Beer Garden”, which lasts until August 28, from July 4th. During the five-day period Belgrade Beer Fest “Beer Garden powered by SubBeerni Center” will not be active, but will continue to work on Tuesday, August 21st.

Performers who have already collaborated with SubBeer Center like Kanda Kodza and Nebojsa, Zone B, Colored Program, Zostera, Djordje Miljenovic and many others will perform on this stage. A special music treat is the young unassisted bands who made the results at the Bunt Rock Festival (RTS) and will play every single day on this stage.

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