Avala Tower is celebrating 9th birthday!



On April 21, nine years have elapsed since the renewal of the Avala Tower, which was destroyed in NATO bombing in 1999, and a free party for all visitors will be organized tomorrow.

On the occasion of the birthday celebration, a rich program was prepared, concerts of children’s rock chorus RocHoir Kids, KUD Izvor, performing ethno songs, hip-hop dance, fashion show Anny Style and playing music chairs.

Visitors will be able to see the fight of knights and the presentation of the Red Star Rugby. Craftsmen will present their work and creations at the stands. Tourist organization Razanj will offer various deacons.

The special treat of this gathering will be only for the fiercest, because the Adventure Park will arrange them to rope down ropes down the Avala tower with 110 meters of height.

Tomorrow’s program at Avala tower starts at 12h.

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