Adventure awaits you! WAY OF LIFE FESTIVAL 2019



Imagine a place where everyone is happy and smiling, all united, where worries are gone, where there are no bosses, watches, dress code, only good vibrations; where there is only joy, peace and tranquility. This is a place where everyone is respected no matter who you are and what you are … Under the open sky, you are surrounded by unreal nature, the beauty of Straza Nature, quality sound, beautiful people, old and new friends and fantastic activities on the water, zipline- in, canoes or adventure like paintball. If you want to be part of this magical place then the WAY OF LIFE FESTIVAL is the right place for you! You will experience something completely different.

 You will have the opportunity to spend three days and three nights in an atmosphere that unites lovers of camping, adventure, excellent sound and programs that give this festival a special charm.

In the Monument of Nature Straza (Vrsac) this year you will have a unique opportunity to listen to the best DJ’s trance scenes. W.O.L.F. the team organizing the festival, although in the forefront highlighted the top line up, also thought about all aspects that give the festival the spirit of the pack. Nature, music, movement, consciousness is all that awakens and energizes creative energy to get rid of and share with others. Dancing in the rhythm of your own heart, wandering without a cage with the innocence of the child and the free spirit of unwanted wolves, be wild and free!

Be open to new experiences, flash as you walk on the wire, scream as you descend down the zipplane, laugh without stopping, dance to the morning, take part in creative workshops. Like last year, we will have a Children’s Village, which will have a full-day program for children, various workshops and educational lectures. So, pack campers ranchs, comfortable wardrobe, take your own children because this is a festival that brings together and celebrates communion, love and nature. Definitely, a festival worthy of attention, a unique sense of belonging, a manifestation on which there is no prejudice.

If you have not yet decided how to spend the hot summer days, we advise you W.O.L.F. 2019. in Straža! Affordable ticket prices and a rich program do not give you much room to be indifferent.

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