Ada Bridge .. A new Belgrade Symbol – Serbian World Miracle

Ada Bridge .. A new Belgrade Symbol – Serbian World Miracle

The idea originated in 1923, began to be implemented in 2008, and Belgrade and Serbia entered the new 2012 year richer for another architectural masterpiece, the grandiose Bridge over Ada.

The largest bridge with one pylon in Europe came in 2012 with a spectacular fireworks display that blew the sky in the last seconds of the coming seconds and impressed thousands of citizens of Belgrade who took the opportunity to walk through a new bridge that was specially opened on the New Year’s Eve.

The bridge on Ada in rainbow colors is bathed in the light of 52 reflectors placed on the steel top of the pylon. The exterior of the pillar is illuminated with white light, while on the inner sides the color spectrum is changed.

The bridge cables are decorated with 208 lamps, 1,032 lamps arranged along the edge wreath of the bridge, and 958 luminaires are embedded in the handrails of the pedestrian-bicycle path.

For professionals, this bridge represents the ideal solution in aesthetic, architectural and traffic sense. It will cut traffic in the city, save time for drivers, but also enrich the landscape of the urban environment.

The preliminary design of the bridge and access roads was completed in 2006, and the works started on December 1, 2008, by drilling the first test pile at the place of the piste number seven on the right bank of the Sava River.

On the first and second day of the new year the crowd on the new bridge was like Gazelle bridge .. most of the people came only to see how this miracle looks and walk through it. Nevertheless, from the first working day of the new year, all the traffic benefits from Ada bridge will be shown. Experts estimate that all those who travel to New Belgrade and from it will save 30 minutes a day, and fuel consumption will be lowered by 11 tonnes every day. Also, exactly as many exhaust gases will be discharged into the air above Belgrade …

The new bridge, with a central column high 200 meters, is 964 meters long and 45 meters wide. It has six traffic lanes, two tracks for future city rail traffic and two pedestrian-biking trails.

Bridge at Ada is the seventh Belgrade bridge, the first road built after the Gazelle bridge, which was completed 41 years ago.

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