A model of jeans that will dominate this spring in Belgrade!


Put the dark jeans in the box, close it and put it off until some other time. This season, the world’s top designers recommend worn-out, light-weight jeans, a so-called “boyfriend” model that has been up for quite some time.

Some of the fashion houses introduced gingerbread models, composed of jigsaw puzzles of various shades of light blue, and one of the most rugged trends is also coming back when we talk about stone washed.

The inspiration in the 1990s obviously does not disappear. So what is imperative is bright jeans, but also socks of straight cut, as well as the so-called “cigarette” models. Combine it with bright rays or pastel shades of t-shirts.

Although some of the time on the fashion scene dominate deeper pants, fashion experts recommend slightly lower jeans this year, not those we all ignore, extremely shallow, but models that sit on the hips and are not completely narrow.

It’s also the most comfortable piece and you can wear it all day regardless of what you are doing and where you are going.

Among the fashion houses that had in their collections were bright jeans among others are Isabel Marant, Acne, T by Alexander Wang and Nobody.

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