57th October Salon opened!



The 57th October Salon is officially opened at the Museum of the City of Belgrade, where it will present 72 works of art from around the world in five places under the slogan “Miracle of Cacophony” in the next six weeks.

The October Salon in Belgrade brought all contemporary visual arts into their diversity and diversity this year, and that “the cacophonic structure of the exhibition bridged national, racial, gender, generation, class and all other categories.
Gunar Kvaran explained that the concept of the October Salon is based on diversity and reflects the world trend – that there is no longer a dominant model or movement in the arts. As he explained, there is no longer an art center in the world, but a multitude in all countries and on all continents, and the October Salon should just show that diversity of the art world.

Tom Saks, within his performance, launched rockets into the sky of Belgrade, bringing Belgrade into the stars and putting it to the very top of the world.
By October 28, the audience will have the opportunity to learn about the exceptional diversity of contemporary world art production, both in terms of content, but also in the domain of materials, media, techniques and language used.

Artists of all generations of different backgrounds and sensibilities, starting with Larry Bela, Ero, Anselm Kifer, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Yoko Ono, Vladimir Velickovic or Dusan Otasevic, artists active since the sixties, all the way to Athens Papadopoulos, Darje Bajagic, Maje Djordjevic , Jelena Mijić, Paula Nimera Pežota, Hane Weinberger or Urban Celveger, the latest representatives of the current scene, as well as the renowned artists Sindi Šerman, Cao Fey, Romuald Hazum, Fabris Iber, Bjarn Melgor, Takashi Murakami, Helen Marten, Torbjern Redland, Tom Saks, Anika Ji – everyone in his own way represents a part of the cacophony of art.

The exhibition was set up at the Cultural Center of Belgrade (Artget Gallery, Art Gallery, Podroom Gallery), Museum of the City of Belgrade, Remont Gallery, U10 Art Space and Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

A rich accompanying program is foreseen – public guides, thematic guides of experts and professionals in the field of culture (history of art, film, architecture, etc.), workshops for children and youth, conversations with artists.

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