15th European Festival of Animated Film BALKANIMA



15th European Festival of Animated Film BALKANIMA
During the five days of the festival, over 160 animated films from over 25 European countries will be shown.

The audience of this year’s Balkanime will have a special opportunity to see the film III of the Polish author Marta Pajek who has drawn attention to the prestigious festival in Cannes. Three Balkan achievements will also be shown in the Balkans: Music Trauma, directed by Miloš Tomić, animated film Eho directed by Borisa Simović and Kosta Rakićević, as well as the film Neputovanje autorskog tima, which consists of Nikola Majdak and Ana Nedeljković.

In addition to the rich competition program, the programs of Panorama of the European animated film are planned; Contemporary Italian animation 5; award-winning animated films from the festival in Anesi, in the selection of Sebastian Sparer; film program Višegrad Animation forum; and Panorama of the Balkan animated film, which brings an interesting cross-section of the achievements of the Balkan countries from the previous year.

The festival program will start with the opening of the exhibition “SEDAM – A look at the process of new Serbian animation” at the Great Gallery DKSG (19.30h). The audience will have a unique opportunity to see drawings, sketches, 3D models, scenography, dolls and other materials that show a complex process on an animated film.

The ceremonial opening ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, 2 October at 20:00.

On the last day of the festival, on Saturday, October 6, prizes will be shown, and during the morning and two children’s programs. After the festival, the children’s films will be reprinted at the cinema hall of the DKC.

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