The International Energy Fair (with UFI license) is the largest annual regional set of companies, corporations, companies, institutions and professionals in sectors dealing with electricity, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and mining.

Both the exhibition and conference segment of the Energy Fair include all the thematic subjections – from scientific research, through production and exploitation, to enrichment, distribution, transport, storage or direct use of natural resources.

For the reason it carries the point of international manifestation, but the emphasis is on its market character, or the opportunity to present and connect investors, equipment manufacturers, line administration, financial institutions and local governments.

These are companies that deal with waste, recycling and greening, manufacturers and distributors of electricity, oil, coal, gas, companies specialized in renewable energy sources and for its efficient use, environmental protection companies.

When the 15th International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources – EcoFair (from 3rd to 5th October 2018), the 14th International Energy Fair (3-5 October) and the 41st International Fair 112 EXPO (2- October 5, 2018), the obtained multidisciplinary event will address the most important topics of today: ECOLOGY – ENVIRONMENT, SITE ADMINISTRATION, ENERGY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY MANAGEMENT TO EXTERNAL SITUATIONS …. This confirms the essential connection of these three groupings of exhibitors from the perspective of sustainable development and circular economy. The fairs will present these three continents under the slogan NEW ENERGY – SMART CITY in hall 1 and 2 of Belgrade fair.

The topics that await you at the Energy Fair are varied and numerous. In addition to energy and technology, special emphasis is placed on renewable energy.

Pavle Knežević

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