You should visit Serbia!



They say about the Serbs that they are hospitable and they are real hosts. Good drinks and food should not be left out, and where good food is, there is a well-known Serbian cafe. If you only think about the night life of Belgrade, then we must not forget our bars that offer, with good music and drinks, even better food. If you are wondering where is the best bar in Belgrade, everyone will tell you that Skadarlija is the right place to feel the capital of the capital looks like when the darkness falls and the desire to spend and celebrate begins to awaken.

And not only Skadarlija, the whole city pulses and vibrates from a mixture of perfumes, festive wardrobe and smiling faces of eager walks.
Cordial waiters, cheerful society and good entertainment will surely not be missed. And then you will want to stay one more evening in the capital of Serbia. There are many tourists who, at first glance, fell in love with our city. Whether because of beautiful women, good conduct, good fun and excellent mood that our capital provides, we can not say for sure, but one thing is certain. Whoever comes to our capital, he always returns.

From year to year there is an increasing number of foreign tourists. Most of the guests from the region, especially Slovenians, are looking for an apartment more in Belgrade. Younger tourists from the former Yugoslav republics, besides business, will always come to feel at least a fraction of the atmosphere of crazy, night-time entertainment. Whether it is better for us or the Serbs know how to create a good atmosphere, this is not known, but it is generally known that we are cheerful and that we love a good time.

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