Strip down your desires in Belgrade!



Belgrade for decades, primarily thanks to rafts and Skadarlija, it is valid as the capital of night life in the region, but what kind of capital would it be for no strip clubs. Only in the wider city center, there are a dozen places where you can have drinks, with attractive, scarce-dressed girls who perform dance around the bar.

Go-go, hot dancers and belly dance can be seen in other parts of the city, close to other state institutions.

Due to working hours they are not a “danger” for working people, and those who attend educational institutions. As a rule, all outlets open the door at 22 o’clock, and the party usually lasts until five in the morning.

If someone chooses to run under a “red light”, the capital’s map has a rich offer.

The strippers of these clubs entertain the guests with an attractive dance with a bar or on a table of guests’ rooms. It’s not uncommon for the visitors to crawl themselves. A significant part of the clientele are foreigners who come to Belgrade to spend their time.

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