Massage Service provided in More Than Belgrade team organization is very special, giving you the option of massage girls coming to your hotel/house or if you wish you can have a massage in one of the salons across the city center! The feedback we are getting from our clients on massage quality is great, and massage girls in Belgrade are lovely and beatiful! During your active holiday in the city we recommend you have a little bit of a relax and check out the magic in hands of the Belgrade massage girls.

If you are not sure which massage type should choose, here is some help :

Thai massage  creates a balance between the energy of the body, mind and spirit. This massage combines knowledge of Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure, chiropractic and  Japanese massage  shiatsu. For a short time soothing touch of the hands calms, relaxes the body and mind. Modern variations of traditional Thai massage can help a great deal in overcoming everyday problems such as stress, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Thai foot massage in addition will relieve tired feet and will make accelerate the metabolism. These techniques and treatments have as a goal to provide a complete relaxation, enhance concentration, and increase the power of observation. In addition, balances the mind and strengthens the general condition of the body.

Lomi Lomi Nui  is known that massage from Havaii. Hawaiian massage, once a privilege of the wealthy class of society of the state of Hawaii, and is now available in our country. Name Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui means “Hands of Love! The practice of lomi lomi nui massage is performed completely t relax the whole body, and spirit. This massage will relieve your everyday stress accumulated.

The intensity of the massage is not the same all the time. Physiotherapist or masseuse who work changing tempo listening to the body of the client and his needs. During the massage alternating strong and gentle movements movements are long compared to the classic massage which helps in balancing the energy organizna and encourage even better relaxation so often happens during treatment due to the release of stress and tension, some customers even fall asleep soundly. Buddha is reborn and released tension.

Dream Massage  is treatment founded  by  Italian therapist Stefano Antonio Serra, which relaxes tense muscles and relieves nervous tension and relaxes the mind and body and fills him a sense of spiritual peace and joy. The treatment involves techniques such as Swedish massages, shiatsu, reiki, thai foot massage and anti-stress head. This is perhaps the most complete treatment that removes blockages on both physical and energy level and reduces by 90% the impact of stress is our daily companion and enemy no. 1 of mankind. It will seem to wander in a meditative world of joy. Dream massage – let the joy be your habit!

Royal massage in 4 hands – enjoy royal!  When you feel the need for a relaxation massage give yourself the royal treatment. Massage in 4 hands for a period of one hour we will take you in a meditative world of joy.Relax your muscles, relieve stress and feel the power of two positive energy to your body. Synchronized movements of two therapists with the application of techniques relax, shiatsu, Thai foot massage will help you to remove blockages in the body energetically release the tensions and to restore the smile on your face. Please take an hour to perfectly enjoy the delights of massage and enjoy like king!

Relax massage  is a gentle pleasant massage which is achieved by relaxing the body by combining the flow of energy. Aims to cultivate the body in order to raise general health. It serves for the prevention of stress and fatigue, and muscle relaxation. May cover the whole body, or partially, certain body parts (legs, feet, back).

Duo massage or couple massage is the  treatment where two people are on massage in the same room at the same time. This can be either a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother and daughter, two friends etc. Massage in the room with two massage beds, which is specially designed for two. Massage in pairs is aimed to a share experiences during massage each other and chat or to spend this quiet time together enjoying.

Anti-stress massage  is a combination of therapeutic massage and relax where during massage, fragrant plant oils, thanks to which the massage features benefits of aroma therapy. Treeatment of the whole body, with emphasis on the foot and massage the head, is achieved by a positive and stimulating action on the central nervous system, and thus has a positive effect on mental processes, which significantly reduces the nervous tension, and the negative impact of stress.

Anti Jet Lag massage  is intended for people who have spent a long time in the plane and at the same time zone changing, and therefore have a problem with headache, dizziness and nausea sometimes, but certainly with a sense of pain in the muscles. Anti Jet Lag massage is a natural “cure” for this problem. 70 min.relax massage with the addition of shiatsu, foot and head massage and thai massage with stretching will make the pain go away, muscles relax, blood circulate, and you feel refreshed and summer and you sleep like a baby. Anti Jet Lag massage – the perfect choice for the first day in Belgrade!

We are in cooperation with more than 50 beautiful massage girls in Belgrade, so if you are let’s say group of ten and you want to have a nice massage , but not in the mood to go out from the hotel, no problem, just contact us and we can send you 10 girls at the time.
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Whatever you imagine, we can make! Try Us And You Will See!
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