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Restaurant Franš Belgrade

Restaurant Franš Belgrade Bulevar oslobođenja 18a Frans represents another jewel of our beautiful city – it is also a restaurant with a long history behind it. Frans was opened in 1982 and is situated near Saint Sava temple. Its interior is a combination of modern and classical design.

But the thing that clients like the most is their garden – stone pavement and fountain surrounded by nature. This restaurant has a great reputation in Belgrade, it has won numerous awards and it is one of the five most popular restaurants in town.

They have a very rich menu, dominated by grilled, gourmet and chicken dishes, salads, as well as a variety of dishes for vegetarians. It is also the place with the richest wine offer! Aside from this, the restaurant is also popular among desert lovers – they make their well-known tulumbas, cakes and fruit cups for warm summer evenings.

Restaurant Franš Belgrade
Restaurant Franš Belgrade

The restaurants staff also provides special services to their customers: they can park and vacuum your car while you enjoy your night, prepare you an umbrella if it rains outside, or you can have a toothbrush if you need one!

Another interesting fact about restaurant Frans is that the regular customers have their coffees prepared according to their taste, and eventually, those coffees are put into menu under the name of the customer. So when you are in town, don’t forget to visit restaurant Frans, maybe your name will end up in their menu!

Restaurant is very popular, so u will need to make a reservation in advance.
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