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Belgrade is a city full with history, so many different civilizations where part of Belgrade long existence , and all of them left their mark on today`s city charm and architecture.

So it happens that Belgrade and Serbia in general created very special cuisine and selection of foods that now is worldwide famous.

In Serbian style culinary it’s all about meat, portions are usually very big and only real champs manage to finish them all. Specialties like Karadjordjeva – Double breaded chicken or pork stuffed with ham and cheese, Sarma – mix of rice and beef meet rolled up in cabbage and cooked for 10 hours with special spice, Weal under the hitch (Serbian : Ispod sača ) with potato, Kajmak – very specail cheese cream, Ajvar – delicious cream made of tomato and paper and secret spicies of course, Leskovački uštipci – Burger meat made into the tasty balls with onion and hot papper spicies and lot more, its a sin to come to Serbia and not to enjoy some of theese specialities.

Belgrade is rich with restaurants object that are in original shape wit a litlle bit of reconstruction from many centuries ago , real exampe of it is Tavern with name „?“ it`s a very first tavern in Belgrade and it`s still working today, in this story we can’t miss to mention Skadarlija , old bohemian quarter of the city , street looks like – time stopped 3 centuries ago , and is full with restaurants and taverns, musicians , street performers and unlimited dose of charm. In Skadarlija area is located one more of very first and very famous Belgrade restaurants „Tri Šešira“ in translation name is Three Hats, restaurant is one of the best representatives of lovely Serbian tradditional cuisine.

But on the otherhalf Belgrade is city that develops every day and is also a home for some of the very trendy and modern restaurants, parts of international chains , most of them located in Savamala and Concrete Hall ( Serbian : Beton Halla ) – beatiful dinning area near to the river bank, where you can spot all Belgrade celebrities , beatiful girls and trendsetters.

In Belgrade except tradditional cuisine you can find restaurants of different cuisines: Spanish , Turkish , Latino American, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, French , Greek, Lebanese and more.

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