Escape Game is an inventive and interactive real life logical game where a team is trying to escape the room within a 60 minutes timeframe by revealing and unlocking series of mystery codes and solving a number of puzzles and riddles. The uniqueness of the game is that players are actually, physically in the room. They are using real objects and working within a real team. The best part is that they feel as if they were actually inside of the story.


One hour, one mission, one way to escape! Old school original room escape setting where you need to unravel a series of mystery codes and clues in order to succeed in escaping together with your teammates. In order to accomplish the ultimate goal, you will need one power and two weapons. The power of team work and the deadliest weapon of all-your brain! Also, unleashing your inner detective might be helpful too.


A completely new concept of mind challenge in which you will be locked in a room…or rooms…filled with clues you need to resolve and put in order to find all solutions to all the puzzles that surround you. A mad scientist lab is a place you need to investigate thoroughly so that you can discover what was the top secret project he was working on and of course, you have only 60 minutes to accomplish that!


Allied Headquarters, 1941.intercepted a German message, but even with the best efforts of Allied cryptographers, failed to decrypt it. It is assumed that it contains the key information for winning the war. The location of one Enigma machine has been discovered and the message can be decrypted with it Your team of spies has a task to infiltrate the Nazi headquarters, find the machine and detect the message content – within 60 minutes since that’s the time you have left until the change of the guards.


Good day. This is your on-board computer speaking. A week ago, radiation from an alien source disabled all the technology on Earth, constantly causing failures on electrical devices. It’s source was located on Asteroid 224. Your mission is to fly to asteroid, discover the source and disable it. Hurry. The destiny of human civilization is in your hands. Good luck.

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